I have included many birds and assorted painted vessel forms in the tableaus that I have built for the past 3-4 years. I expanded that to include the use of different animals as well as the human figure in order to grow my ability to talk artistically about our complex human life.

The idea of vessels and containment has been very important to me. The physical human form is the embodiment of the spirit or essence of an individual and this signifies the essential element of life. Ceramic vessels are curious human invention created to solve simple or mystical problems. I have create many vessel forms and painted images on them that establish a dramatic space that is both real and surreal and of course I hope that the story I try to tell breaths a similar force of life into my work. The narratives I build come from ideas between the real and imaginary worlds which I purposefully intertwine. My work creates an intersection for both natural and cultural objects, which I am equally interested in making. I am inspired by still life paintings in particular from Europe and through this process find symbols and create narratives that run parallel to human experience with these stand-ins. I am at the same time fascinated and gratified that when I work with clay I can paint, draw and sculpt in many different ways In the same work.

I make decision on what forms to make instinctively. The birdcage, bird nest, terrarium, perfume jar and lab glass jar are vessels in real life that are curiously made out of a material that one can see through, wire or glass, so one simultaneously sees the outside form and inside space. I am intrigued by this and I create outside/inside surrealistic dramas with multiple point perspectives with painted images and real forms in space related to the shape and usage of a particular vessel.

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